Steel Trading

Hoffman Iron forms direct partnerships between steel mills and service centers.

Experts in Bulk Cargo Logistics

Hoffman Iron and Steel negotiates stock piling and stevedore rates, drafts stowage plans, and supervises all aspects of vessel loading to completion.

Steel, Ferrous scrap & Steel Raw Materials

Hoffman constantly utilizes multiple market sources both in the US and outside the US to obtain the best possible market knowledge.

Hoffman Iron and Steel

An Integrated Steel and Ferrous Scrap Procurement, Logistics and Trading Company

Hoffman Iron and Steel LLC (HIS) procures, handles and trades scrap to US domestic and international consumers from around the world. The Company also supplies finished steel through exclusive steel mill alliances direct to US steel service centers. The company is built upon the experience, motivation, and integrity of a fourth generation iron and steel family.

Today, it helps meet the growing demand for recycled iron and steel by utilizing proven strategies to locate, evaluate, and secure high yield processed ferrous scrap from mid level scrap suppliers and send it direct to steel mills. By establishing strategic alliances with scrap consumers Hoffman is able to provide limited finished steel products to various steel service centers. Combined with a global infrastructure to ship materials anywhere in the world, Hoffman Iron and Steel, LLC continues to be a preferred sourcing company among international clientele whether it is ferrous scrap or steel finished product.

Under the leadership of Philip Hoffman Esq., the company continues to help its customers succeed. Consumers and suppliers benefit from having direct access to an industry leader with over 20 years of international experience and a Juris Doctor degree specializing in maritime law from a leading Australian University.

With his experience in both the scrap and steel industries, Hoffman adds customer value because of his knowledge of all aspects of the steel supply chain; from scrap processing to scrap yields and melt shop concerns, to semi finished and finished product markets and service center needs Hoffman sits in a unique position to understand the needs of all phases of the scrap and steel supply chain. In addition Hoffman Iron and Steel has extensive hands on experience with shipping and transport; whether it be by truck, rail, barge or vessel Hoffman ensures that cargo is picked up and delivered on time. Hoffman Iron and Steel, LLC is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by providing a level of quality, service, and efficiency that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

US Domestic Scrap Procurement

Hoffman Iron and Steel has partner processing facilities and established alliances with scrap suppliers in the Southwestern US, Texas, US Gulf coast and Southeastern US which allows for a consistent and reliable supply of of ferrous scrap. Hoffman’s unique grading methodology allows Hoffman Iron and Steel to supply the highest yield low residual scrap available in the United States.

Steel & Scrap

Hoffman Iron and Steel was the first company to devise the concept of combining scrap procurement and steel marketing. At most steel companies the scrap purchasing and steel sales departments are separate but Hoffman proposed to combine them for his client in the US allowing for synergies to develop. Additionally on the scrap side HIS works closely with the mills scrap operation and melt shop to obtain a clear understanding of the clients scrap needs and procures scrap that is specifically tailored to those needs.


Hoffman Iron and Steel has developed relationships with Port facilities, Stevedores, barge lines and railroads throughout the Gulf Coast and Southeastern US regions. As a result of these alliances, HIS has access to port property to store and stockpile scrap and/or steel as well as competitive logistics rates.


HIS arranged for container transport of various lines, obtains bookings and coordinates supplier shipments to adhere to port time constraints. The coordination of logistics allows for seamless deliveries to mills throughout Asia.